The scientific activity of the department is developing in many directions:

  1. Immunology in Otorhinolaryngology
  2. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery
  3. Endolaryngeal microsurgery, chronic laryngitis and benign tumors of the larynx
  4. Recurrent inflammatory diseases of the ear and upper respiratory tract in children  of early age
  5. Chronic suppurative diseases of the middle ear and its complications
  6. Chronic tonsillitis
  7. LASER therapy and surgery
  8. Occupational diseases of the ENT organs
  9. Tympanoplasty and stapedoplasty.
  10. Pathology of acustic- vestibular analizer

In 2012 E. Gariuc defended thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medicine: ”Treatment of chronic laryngitis with Regesan”, clinical-experimental study, supervisor: V. Popa, Professor, PhD.

In 2013 the title of postdoctoral thesis “Etiopathogenetic  aspects and optimization of conservative treatment of chronic tonsillitis in children” was approved. The author: L. Danilov, MD, Associate Professor. Supervisor: I. Ababii, PhD, Professor, Academician AS RM.