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A brief history


The Department of Otorhinolaryngology was established on September 14, 1945. Professor V. Cecurin was appointed head of the department.

In August 1951, Professor N. Mihaloiţ became head of the department. Since October 1953, the department was headed by Professor A. Gadkov. Professor D. Bâtcenko took the helm in 1960. In 1975, Professor I. Antohi was appointed head of the department, a position held by him until 1987.

For three years (1987-1990) Professor V. Romanov has been in charge of the department, being succeeded by Professor V. Popa (1990-1993).

From September 1993 until now, the department has been headed by Ion Ababii, university professor, academician of the ASM.

On February 1, 1969, the University opened the second department of otorhinolaryngology - for the faculties of pediatrics, dentistry and medical training refresher courses. The first head of this department was Professor M. Zagarskih.

In 1973, this department was merged with the ENT department of the Faculty of General Medicine and reopened in January 1988, with Professor I. Ababii as chief of chair.

Over the years, Professor M. Sandul has contributed to a great extent to the development of the department and the training of many generations of doctors.

In 1965, in order to conduct refresher training for ENT doctors, refresher courses were organized. The first head of the course was Professor M. Zagarskih, Habilitatrd Doctor of medical science.

During the period 1972-1981, the head of the ENT course was associate professor I. Cleitman, later succeeded by A. Brofman.

Habilitated Doctor of medical sciences V. Popa was the head of ENT course for one year, during September 1989 - August 1990. From 1997 until now these courses have been led by Professor Al. Sandul. 

The scientific achievements of the department have been reflected in 10 monographs, about 600 articles published in national and international collections and journals.

Throughout the years, scientific collaboration relations have been established with scientists from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, USA, France, Germany, Denmark, and Poland.

Professor M. Maniuc is the chairman of the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova, a member of the ENT Attestation Commission, an expert of the CNAA National Commission.

Professor Al. Sandul is the chairman of the ENT doctors' attestation commission in the Republic of Moldova.